TECHNIPES’ electronic weigh scales have definitively replaced the older electro-pneumatic weigh scales, which have become outdated and no longer meet customers’ needs. Scales generally consist of:

  1. A rigid steel support structure, seam welded and featuring a quick opening access door facilitating easy inspection, and also equipped with fabric side panels to maintain neutral pressures inside the scale crucial for good accuracy
  2. Weigh bucket for receiving the metered product and manufactured form to prevent the product from sticking to its sides, with a volume consistent with the weight to be obtained for the given product density, pneumatically actuated opening and closing of the weigh bucket doors monitored by magnetic sensors contributing to an reliable and repeatable weigh cycle.
  3. Two HBM (HOTTINGER) type load cells model Z6FC3 in class C3 (3000 divisions), approved and certified in compliance with the OIML/R61 international provisions, and manufactured in stainless steel with IP67 protection, and from which the weigh bucket is suspended.
  4. Product feed system, one of six types available depending on the product characterisitics to be metered by the scale, all featuring two weighing stages: BULK FEED (intial high-speed product delivery) and DRIBBLE FEED (final slow, very accurate metering) and penumatic shut off gate for immediate product flow arrest
  5. An electronic weigh control module that dynamically monitors and manages all the operations and functions of the scale.