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Valve sealer ET/2

The “bag valve sealing” automatic system has been designed, constructed and patented to seal bags valve to have completely sealed bags in full compliance with the H.A.C.C.P. standard provisions. The labeller, in its standard version, is equipped with the following devices:

  • Reel-holding clutched group with paper presence check sensor: it can process Kraft paper reels with 70 g/m2 thickness and 300 mm Ø, for an average output of 5000 labels.
  • Motorised driving group to unwind paper on the label clamping holed plate.
  • Feeding group of the label clamping plate with “Hot Melt” gluer for the correct batching of the glue on the label.
  • Pneumatically controlled cutting unit for a calibrated cut of the paper label. The cutting action is synchronised to the feeding group action and a moment before the arrival of the full bag to be labelled that allows for the application of the label on the valve with glue at the right temperature.
  • Sponge label pressing roll to press the label according to the bag shape.

  1. Pneumatic pressing group; to press the central part of the bag thus distributing the product both on the valve and on the bag bottom.
  2. Pneumatic pusher; to ensure the correct position of the bag during the labelling.
  3. Motorised bag pusher; it is made of two rolls each equipped with motor and pressure manual regulation for an even distribution of the product inside the bag.
  4. Automatically adjustable motorised side panel; to convey bags according to the different widths.
  5. Labeller mod. ET/2; for the angular application of labels on the bag valve.
  • Gruppo pressore pneumatico; per eseguire la pressatura centrale del sacco distribuendo il prodotto sia sulla valvola, sia sul fondello.
  • Spintore pneumatico; per garantire la giusta posizione del sacco in fase d’etichettatura.
  • Gruppo schiacciasacco motorizzato; composto da due rulli, ognuno dotato di proprio motore e regolazione manuale della pressione, per distribuire uniformemente il prodotto all’interno del sacco.
  • Sponda motorizzata a regolazione automatica; per il convogliamento dei sacchi in relazione alle varie larghezze.
  • Etichettatrice mod. ET/2; per l’applicazione dell’etichetta ad angolo sulla valvola del sacco.


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