ITG-HV valve bag fillers are equipped with a gravitational bag filling system.The system is designed to work exclusively with granular, free flowing products, but is more advanced than the standard ITG model’s system in that product is accelerated to a significantly higher velocity.The machine is ideal for products such as granular fertilizers, sugar, plastics, seeds, pellets, and sands. Each ITG-HV is capable of a typical production speed of between 500-600 bags/hour depending on the type of product and bag.


If higher production rates are required, a battery of up to 4 machines may be placed in line for production speeds of up to 2400 bags/hour.

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  1. AISI 304 stainless steel construction
  2. Specially shaped high velocity filling spout
  3. Pre-filling bag inflation system
  4. Pneumatically actuated bag vibration system
  5. Pneumatically actuated bag holders
  6. Automatic bag kick off onto underlying conveyor
  7. Angled bag support with manual height adjustment


Optioned: Son Seal