ITC valve bag fillers are equipped with an auger bag filling system, which transfers product in the bag fed by the pre weigh batch scale.This versatile system is ideal for products with dusty or floury characteristics, yet is also well suited to granular or pelletized products. Products such as flours, sands, feeds, chemicals, may all be packed with this machine. 

Each ITC is capable of a typical production speed of between 240-300 bags/hour depending on the type of product and bag. If higher production rates are required, a battery of up to 4 machines may be placed in line for production speeds of between 1000-1200 bags/hour.

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  1. Auger agitator device to assist with product flow
  2. Motor driven, cam actuated, bag support vibrating system
  3. Integrated dust collection connection
  4. Pneumatically actuated bag holders
  5. Auger with quick change mechanism
  6. Bag support with manual height adjustment

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