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Ultrasonic sealer SON SEAL

The aesthetic appearance of the closed bag together with the valve sealing warranty are the requirements fulfilled by the new SONSeal technology of Technipes. The system includes the employment of external valve-type bags with tab made of pre-glued polyethylene-coated paper to be sealed. It was conceived to be paired with any kind of bagging machine(1); in case of multiple bagging stations, each bagging machine shall be equipped with this device. The sewing phase occurs at the end of bagging action, and before re leasing the bag onto the outfeed conveyor belt.


Internal cleaning of the valve No contamination of the environment due to powder release. Sealing grippers closing control through electronic control (sealing intensity and closing time).


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Working Cycle:

  1. Once fill with product the bag is kept and hold by the 2 lateral plates
  2. The bag support inclines 45° together with the bag
  3. The ultrasonic sealer moves toward the bag and blows air to clean the valve from the product
  4. The sealer closes the pincer to seal the valve