TECNO MT model weighing-bagging machines are equipped with a screw feeder bag filling system. This versatile system is ideal for products with dusty or floury characteristics, yet they are also suited to granular or pelletized products. All product feed systems are equipped with dual phase filling modes (COURSE feed and FINE feed) to ensure precise dosing of the product.

According to the product to be bagged, the machine may be equipped with one of the feeding systems: gravity, turbine, belt, screw feeder, double screw feeder, vibrating channel.  The bagging head – which receives the product from the dosing system – together with the whole filling structure (such as the screw feeder, bag-positioning device, etc…) is connected to the weighing system, which stands alone from the rest of the machine. The output of TECNO MT machines varies from 150 – 200 bags/hour.


The electronic weighing systems feature a filling assembly that is supported by load cell and connected to the electronic weight controller. The weight controller it is composed by:

  • a 7” colour graphic display that allows the visualization of the bag weights and may other parameters
  • a internal CPU to process all the weighing data

The main advantage of this electronic systems lies in their ability to constantly self monitor and automatically correct for any changes product properties.


MT series valve bag fillers may optioned with the following features:

  • TRANSFER automatic bag placer
  • Automatic bag support height adjustment
  • Automatic bag kick-off on bag evacuation conveyor
  • Movable version on castors
  • SON SEAL ultrasonic bag sealer


Weighing controller display Mod. 400:


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  1. Coclea di riempimento a sostituzione rapida e con tenuta polveri a flusso d’aria
  2. Tienisacco pneumatico
  3. Poggiasacco con regolazione manuale dell’altezza
  4. Sistema di vibrazione ad eccentrico meccanico comandato da motore elettrico
  5. Testata dotata di aspo agitatore motorizzato (solo per prodotti di difficile scorrimento)