The TECNO FF valve bag fillers are equipped with force flow, pneumatic pressure bag filling systems, and is designed for use with non free flowing products in either powder or granular form. Product is fed into and contained in the machine’s cylindrical hopper, which is pressurized with an air compressor (blower) through a filtration system. The bottom of the hopper is cone shaped and then specially molded for a smooth transition to the filling spout, guiding the pressurized product into the bag. The coned portion of the hopper is equipped with an air pads. A

heavy-duty rubber hose connects the cylindrical hopper with the filling spout. During the filling cycle, a pneumatically actuated clamping devise regulates the aperture of the hose for dual phase filling modes (COURSE feed and FINE feed). Once target weight is reached, the clamping device stops product flow through the rubber hose and out the filling spout. The filling spout and bag support “float” from the main structure of the filling machine and are connected to the machine’s weighing system. The Tecno FF is capable of a typical production speed of between 350-450 bags/hour. If higher production rates are required, a battery of up to 4 machines may be placed in line for production speeds of up to 1600 bags/hour. 


The electronic weighing systems feature a filling assembly that is supported by load cell and connected to the electronic weight controller. The weight controller it is composed by :

  • a 7” colour graphic display that allows the visualization of the bag weights and may other parameters
  • a internal CPU to process all the weighing data

The main advantage of this electronic systems lies in their ability to constantly self monitor and automatically correct for any changes product properties.



  • The TECNO FF valve bag filler may optioned with the following features:
  • TRANSFER automatic bag placer
  • Automatic bag support height adjustment
  • Automatic bag kick-off on bag evacuation conveyor
  • SON SEAL ultrasonic bag sealer

Weighing controller display Mod. 400:


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  • Pneumatically actuated bag holders
  • Bag support with manual height adjustment
  • Cylindrical hopper with visual inspection port and access hatch
  • Adjustable product flow
  • Quick change pressurized air pads
  • Pneumatic butterfly hopper valve for automated product feed