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Bag Placer

The empty bag, stacked on the bag magazine, is taken from the robotic arm, it opens the bag’s valve and position it on the fill spout, where a double detection device  check the proper placing to enable the packer to fill the bag.

The Transfer is so famous for its proven simplicity and reliability. At today we’ve sold and installed more than 2000 of those around the world.

It can reach a max speed of 400 bags/h. 


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The range of TRANSFER® machines consists of three models configured according to the various types of packing system layouts which, depending on available space, offer various potential solutions

model  Rotating and tilting arm articulation paired with a side mounted bag magazine; the most widely used configuration.

This model is the traditional system which is installed most often. The machine picks up the empty bag from the magazine positioned beside the bagging machine (right or left side) and inserts the bag onto the fill spout by arm rotation and tilting articulation.

model  Tilting arm articulation only with front positioned bag magazine; utilized when lateral space is limited

This model eliminates arm rotation and utilizes only tilting articulation, and is fed by a magazine positioned in front of the packer with a main station which indexes the empty bag stack to the correct angle for retrieval

model  Linear operation with front positioned bag magazine; utilized when height is limited

This model is designed to be installed in applications where the height is limited eliminating R and F models as options, and utilizes a rail mounted placer paired with a front mount bag magazine. This bag placer can be equipped with brushless motors, allowing for acceleration and slowing speed curves during bag placement and retrieval for optimal efficiency.