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Wrappers for full pallets MYTOO

MYtoo, the complete program to meet all the requirements in the field of Pallet wrapping. Conceived to ensure a long life protection of palletized bags, as well as to guarantee the stability of the full pallet. MYtoo series includes a series of wrappers with different production outputs and structures. They can all be paired with palletizers of the WINtech and RUNNER series. MYtoo is the answer consistent with your own needs.



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Turntable wrapper

It consists in a turntable into which the pallet rotates, while the reelcarrying roller remains in its position by only shifting vertically upward and downward. Thanks to its reduced dimensions, it fits even narrow areas, and it is optimum for low/average outputs.

Rotating arm

It consists in holding the pallet in place on the roller conveyor, while the reel-carrying roller rotates around the pallet. The ideal solution for poorly stable loads and bags with low weights. Efficient for high outputs. MYtoo-Br requires wider spaces than MYtoo-Pr owing to the rotating arm.


Both systems can be outfitted with TOP-Cover. This component ensures the complete protection of pallet at the end of wrapping against the external pollutants such as dust, water. Covering film is placed after the first wrapping phase to be blocked by the following phase, thus creating an airtight barrier between load and the external environment.