Paletizer - Wrappers

EVOpal the new series of multi-performing palletizers conceived and manufactured to meet the ever-changing market needs.

The range includes three models:

  1. WINtech 4-axis robot
  2. RUNNER-a Conventional high-level palletizer
  3. RUNNER-b Conventional low-level palettizer

Through the new range of palletizing machines TECHNIPES completes the “complete plant” line, an efficient system to fully manage the bagging and palletization. EVOpal series is the market leader thanks to its 900 installation worldwide, manifold solutions and applications, wide versatility of use, automatic switch-overs, customized accessories. The series is completed with MYtoo. The Automatic and Semi-Automatic wrappers series: Turntable or Rotating Arm.

An example of TECHNIPES technology applied in manufacturing complete plants. FUTURA bagging line with double-feeding electronic weighing system: screw feeder for floury products and gravity for flowing granular products. Filled bags are conveyed through the CONtech system to the WINtech palletizing robot equipped with a double-grip head (optional):

  1. PREtech fork head with central bag pressing device and slip-sheet and pallet carriage
  2. Suction cup head for picking up small bags, carton boxes and IBOX palletization and hooks for pick-ing up pallets; head change-over is fully automatic.

Line is completed with the empty pallet magazine with a high-capacity, slip-sheet magazine and full pallet storage roller.