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BIG-BAG Gross weight weighing-filling station


The “BIG-BAG” weighing-bagging plant was conceived for the bagging of any kind of product, either granules or powders, into 500 kg to 1500 kg polypropylene raffia big-bags; other big-bag capacities are also available upon request.
The plant is made by: a specific dosing system for every kind of product to be bagged; a weighing mount supported by 4 flexure loading cells connected to the weighing control and management electronic central unit; the same mount is fitted with 4 automatic hooks holding the big-bag loops; a bag-spoutwith spout tightening system prevents emission of dusts originated during the filling phase.

The operator has thus only the task to fit the bag mouth to the bag-spout and to hang the loops to the suitable hooks.
Once ended the filling phase a bag lifting system made by an hydraulically actuated platform lifts the big-bag by loosening the loops stretch and by thus enabling the automatic hooks to release them. The lifting system will then convey the big-bag to the unloading position

Gross weight weighing - bagging station


Net wight weighing - bagging station

The net weight system provide to pre-weight the batch (i.e. 1000 Kg) and then discharge it into the bag in one shot.

  1. Gross weight - weighing
  2. Net weight - weighing
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