Gross-weight packers

The Gross-weight packer weights and fills the product into the bag at the same time.

Those are featured of a feeding system that dose the product into the bag with two dosing steps ( FAST feed and FINE feed). According to the product to pack the machine can have one of the following feeding system : gravity, auger (single or double), impeller, belt  or vibrator.

The electronic weighing systems feature a filling assembly that is supported by load cell and connected to the electronic weight controller. The weight controller it is composed by:

  • a 7” colour graphic display that allows the visualization of the bag weights and may other parameters
  • a internal CPU to process all the weighing data

The main advantage of this electronic systems lies in their ability to constantly self monitor and automatically correct for any changes product properties. The empty bag are positioned manually by the operator on the filling spout having a pneumatic clamping device that holds the bag tightly during all the weighing and filling phase and void any dust to outflow from the spout. 

Weighing controller display Mod. 400: