ASTRO® is based on a proven machine design, and may be configured with either four or six fill spouts. The latest improvements have undergone prototype trials and approved for serial production upon achieving operational perfection. 

The resultant machine is built and manufactured with the aim of meeting the demanding technical, legislative and regulatory standards on safety, most notably in food safety.

The new features focus on the management of product delivery. Safety requirements demand product must not come into contact with potentially polluting materials, as outlined by the latest EU Directives, the guidelines of the European Commission of Food Safety, and CODEX Alimentarius. 

The ASTRO® series is the ideal solution for companies aiming at ensuring a correct management of hazards in their food chain safety. 

ASTRO® undergoes strict food safety controls in order to meet the guidlines laid out by EC Directives and ATEX.

This series of carousel baggers is especially suited to the packaging of powdered or ?our products into large bags made of polypropylene, raf?a, jute, or cotton. Regardless, as per TECHNIPES’ legendary flexibility, the versatility of the new ASTRO® series enables use with all types of bags and a wide variety of products.

New features introduced with the ASTRO®:

  1. The machine’s rear has been completely enclosed, making it impossible for the operator to come into contact with the potentially hazardous areas. The segregation also enables to proper dust collection, contributing to a cleaner ambient environment.
  2. Bag vibration system is completely revised with the new SBM® vibrators replacing the old side positioned system. Now bags are vibrated from the bottom for quicker and more thorough product settlement inside the bag. The positioning of the bag vibrating plate is pneumatically controlled enabling perfect automated adjustment, while vibrating action is controlled by a single powered mechanical cam. An advantage in product settlement effectiveness and overall safety is achieved with SBM®.
  3. To further promote a safe environment the bag outfeed conveyor is tied to the base of the carousel, eliminating any potential hindrance for the operator yet conserving height adjustability of the conveyor to different bag lengths.
  4. ASTRO® fill spout dust collection hoses are no longer have spiral patterned interior surfaces, but instead feature smooth inner surfaces to help eliminate potential product build up.
  5. Cutting edge machine control packages feature a SIEMENS S7-300 or ALLEN BRADLEY PLC complete with a touch screen operator interface (HMI), for the setting work parameters and display machine diagnostic or alarm messages. The system was further simplified by improving use logic. The EWON® remote assistance module is available upon request, which enables remote control and maintenance over any high-speed internet connection.



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ASTRO 6 6 spout configuration is the ideal solution for high capacities.

  1. Empty bag hanging.
  2. Filling and vibration.
  3. Vibration.
  4. Filled bag discharge.
  5. Open station.
  6. Bag closing.
  7. Safety device.

ASTRO 4 4 spout configuration is the ideal solution for mid-range capacities.

  1. Empty bag hanging.
  2. Filling and vibration.
  3. Vibration.
  4. Filled bag discharge.
  5. Bag closing.
  6. Safety device.
  7. Sia

ASTRO-6 and ASTRO-4 may be configured to rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise according to the installation requirements.