Fully-automatic systems type ADVANTA

ADVANTA® represents a further tecnical advancement for fully automated open-mouth baggers, specifically for premade gusseted open-mouth type bags.  With the introduction of ADVANTA® line, Technipes now offers a complete range of baggers able to work with any type of premade open-mouth bag.  

Ease of operation, compact design, and full accessibility to all components render ADVANTA® highly flexible and functional.  Able to be configured in net weigh or gross weigh versions, ADVANTA® may be customized for lower or higher capacities, any type of dry product from powders to flakes to pellets to granules, and may be suited to bag sizes ranging from 5kg to 30kg.

Technipes’ new ADVANTA® is the result of extensive reseach and design studies, and delivers a packaging solution exceeding the technical demands and safety standards of today’s industry.