Futura HV


A) BM/AS   B) CART   C) RIB/90

Fill spout dust collection manifold, for vacuum distribution and collection of any dust produced during the bag filling process.


Tag application device for premade tags.


90° bag kicker unit for perpendicular bag discharge.


Empty bag magazine




Fixed single station magazine   Powered magazine with two or more stations




Magazine with single bag conveyor   Magazine with bag dispensing system

Picks up a single bag and transfers it to an intermediate station for the application of an adhesive label, or for printing on the bag.

Maximum capacity: 6 cycles per minute.


For use with woven PP bags. Dispenser picks up bag bottom, allowing powered slat conveyor to slide under bag and transfer to the bag mouth opening station. 

Maximum capacity: up to 500 bags/h.


Bag placer Tecno-500
Operational sequence:

Bag picking

Mouth opening

Delivery onto fill spout

Filling, fill spout in raised position

Possible vibration of the bag from the bottom, fill spout in lowered position

Translating bag top support in position

Bag top supported, fill spout returned to raised position

Trasferimento sacco alla linea di chiusura

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Optional for bag closing:


Tag application device for premade tags.


Applicator for 60mm wide crepe tape, 70 mm wide tape available on request. The bag top is first trimmed for correct application of the crepe tape.


Bag folding helix forms continuous fold on bag mouth without stopping the bag. The bag top is first trimmed in order to perform folding correctly.


Bag inner poly liner heat sealing and sewing with application of crepe tape.


Bag top trimming and double folding, then sealed with application of paper tape with pre-applied glue and heat-sealing.


Bag turner to lay bags flat for in-line discharge.