<h1>Open mouth packer </h1>
                <span>The open mouth packer are divided in two differents categories: Fully-automatic or Semi-Automatic.</span>
                <a class=link href=en/product/479.html>
                Read more</a> <h1>TE</h1>
                <span>The TECHNIPES electronic weighing machines have replaced the old electro pneumatic systems</span>
                <a class=link href=en/product/weighers.html>
                Read more</a> <h1>SONSeal</h1>
                <h3>Ultrasonic sealing of valve bag</h3>
                <span>The aesthetic appearance of the closed bag together with the valve sealing warranty are the requirements</span>
                <a class=link href=en/product/valve-packer/ultrasonic-sealer-son-seal.html>
                Read more</a> <h1></h1>
                <h3>Valve bags</h3>
                <span>Machine and systems for Pre-made Valve bags.
Bags having Internal or even External</span>
                <a class=link href=en/product/valve-packer.html>
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Consultate le news e le pubblicazioni archiviate in ordine cronologico di pubblicazione.

Amministrazione comunale e Technipes

Inaugurata questa mattina la riqualificazione della rotatoria tra le vie Tosi e del Leccio recentemente riqualificata grazie a un accordo di collaborazione tra Amministrazione comunale e Technipes Srl. Al taglio del nastro erano presenti la sindaca Alice Parma, la vice sindaca Pamela Fussi, l’assessora alle attività economiche Angela Garattoni assieme ai fratelli...

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New plant and new office headquarters

The last four years (2014-2018) marked a turning point in Technipes, and the achievement of goals that we previously thought were very far away, not least the 30th anniversary was celebrated with the grand opening of the new reception area in 2018. This prompted the company to expand by purchasing a 3000 square meter plant, adjacent to the current headquarters, thus...

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Futura CP1

Technipes is extremely excited to present the new Futura CP1 suitable for Pinch Bottom style bags. This simple and flexible packer feature a vertical auger bag filling system (for floury products, to help the filling and reduce the dust emission) and a static “hot bar” sealing system specifically designed. Can reach a speed of 400 bags/h based on 25 Kg of...

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