<h1>Open mouth packer </h1>
                <span>The open mouth packer are divided in two differents categories: Fully-automatic or Semi-Automatic.</span>
                <a class=link href=en/product/479.html>
                Read more</a> <h1>TE</h1>
                <span>The TECHNIPES electronic weighing machines have replaced the old electro pneumatic systems</span>
                <a class=link href=en/product/weighers.html>
                Read more</a> <h1>SONSeal</h1>
                <h3>Ultrasonic sealing of valve bag</h3>
                <span>The aesthetic appearance of the closed bag together with the valve sealing warranty are the requirements</span>
                <a class=link href=en/product/valve-packer/ultrasonic-sealer-son-seal.html>
                Read more</a> <h1></h1>
                <h3>Valve bags</h3>
                <span>Machine and systems for Pre-made Valve bags.
Bags having Internal or even External</span>
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