<h1>Open mouth packer </h1>
                <span>The open mouth packer are divided in two differents categories: Fully-automatic or Semi-Automatic.</span>
                <a class=link href=en/product/479.html>
                Read more</a> <h1>TE</h1>
                <span>The TECHNIPES electronic weighing machines have replaced the old electro pneumatic systems</span>
                <a class=link href=en/product/weighers.html>
                Read more</a> <h1>SONSeal</h1>
                <h3>Ultrasonic sealing of valve bag</h3>
                <span>The aesthetic appearance of the closed bag together with the valve sealing warranty are the requirements</span>
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                <h3>Valve bags</h3>
                <span>Machine and systems for Pre-made Valve bags.
Bags having Internal or even External</span>
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Here in “TECHNIPES” we have always been very practical minded,  by managing authentic quality, that is why for two generations we have been producing machines and systems for weighing, bag-filling and packaging.

With the same maniac care we added to our traditional production packaging machines for coil bags and for prepacked bags; our technology, the Technipes one, now fills all the spaces.

As our grand-parents taught us, many years ago “NON MULTA SED MULTUM”; not many things, but well done, therefore we have only been doing machines for long.

Every machine is produced exclusively inside the TECHNIPES Factories.This enables us not only to obtain very high quality standards but also to guarantee that the realization of the whole plant truly responds to the design by thus eliminating any possible dissipation; all the steps of our production are followed and monitored by complying with the strict rules imposed by the ISO 9001 certified system, thus ensuring a constant quality in time. The system effectiveness translates into deliveries punctuality, in the ability to meet the customers’ expectations, and in the after-sale service efficiency.