<h3>Automatische Linie FUTURA</h3>
                <span>Die Maschinen für Offensäcke unterscheiden sich in zwei große Gruppen: automatische und halbautomatische. Für beide gibt es je nach erforderlicher</span>
                <a class=link href=de/maschinen/offensäcke.html>
                Mehr lesen</a> <h1>TE</h1>
                <span>Die elektronischen TECHNIPES Waagen haben endgültig den Platz der alten elektro-pneumatischen Waagen übernommen, die weniger aktuell und nicht</span>
                <a class=link href=de/maschinen/waagen.html>
                Mehr lesen</a> <h1>SONSeal</h1>
                <h3>Ultraschall-Schweißnaht SON SEAL</h3>
                <span>Der ästhetische Aspekt des geschlossenen Sacks zusammen mit der Garantie der Ventilversiegelung sind jene Anforderungen, die bei der neuen Technologie SONSeal der Fa. Technipes zur</span>
                <a class=link href=de/maschinen/vorgefertigte-ventilsäcke/ultraschall-schweißnaht-son-seal.html>
                Mehr lesen</a> <h1></h1>
                <h3>Vorgefertigte Ventilsäcke</h3>
                <span>Maschinen und Anlagen für vorgefertigte Ventilsäcke.
Mit Ultraschall schweißbare Säcke mit sowohl internem als auch externem Ventil.</span>
                <a class=link href=de/maschinen/vorgefertigte-ventilsäcke.html>
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New plant and new office headquarters

The last four years (2014-2018) marked a turning point in Technipes, and the achievement of goals that we previously thought were very far away, not least the 30th anniversary was celebrated with the grand opening of the new reception area in 2018.

This prompted the company to expand by purchasing a 3000 square meter plant, adjacent to the current headquarters, thus bringing the entire covered area to about 8200 sqm, on a property of over 22,000 sqm.

The new plant will allow the assembly of increasingly larger and more important lines, which have increasingly characterized our production in recent years. It will also allow for better production planning for the assembly, wiring and final testing of the machines, and will also make work spaces easier for all our employees. The acquisition was sanctioned in September 2018 and the activities to make this plant suitable for production and Technipes standards started immediately.


But it does not stop here, in fact the work for the construction of the new office building is scheduled to start in 2019: a structure projected towards the future by Technipes. With a fully glazed front, low-emission technological systems, the site will be divided into three floors for a total of 1200 sqm. This will host the new visitors and reception entrance, the executive, commercial and representative offices, the administration and the purchasing department.

The concept is to provide a more comfortable working environment for all of us, and to convey the image of a company that faces the coming years with determination and believes in the future.

The adrenalin is as great as the desire to start a new project that we deem to be beautiful and above all useful to the whole Technipes family.